The company Kunststoffe Lauing Nachf. GmbH was founded by Dipl. – Ing. Wolfgang Lauing in 1956. Since its takeover in 1996 by Peter Köhler and Klaus Franz, the company has developed from a small-scale enterprise to a medium-scale enterprise located in Herne, Germany.

Until today the international company is characterised by innovative manufacturing and the development of production in plastics processing and sheet lining.  High flexibility and solving customised orders are crucial for the persistent success of Kunststoffe Lauing Nachf. GmbH.

You can rely on the competence and long-lasting experience of Kunststoffe Lauing Nachf. GmbH. We support you in all relevant steps from project planning to execution, through to the after-sales service.



Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality products and superior customer service during the entire project in order to meet their requirements and satisfy their needs. We use the latest technologies and develop new methods to provide our customers the best solutions possible. Our aim is to establish a long lasting business relationship with our customers based on trust, loyalty, and reliability.

“Your Request – Our Solution”


We want to become the foremost international manufacturing company in the plastics processing industry offering high quality products and solve customised orders to satisfy the needs and wants of our customers. We do not have to be the biggest – but the best.


We are dynamic CEOs from Wattenscheid in the heart of the Ruhr. We lead our company as our own family where everybody has its own place and meaning. We foster our relationship with our employees and our customers which is a prerequisite for loyalty and quality. Our focus is not on words but on actions. We do not have to be the biggest – but the best.

Therefore, we work meticulously on better methods, solutions and procedures and do not promise things we cannot realise. Together with our employees we strive to achieve excellent performance and deliver the best results. Plastics processing is our passion that we perform with joy.


Our team forms an essential part of the company and consists of qualified personnel. The team is a perfect mix of experiences employees as well as young and dynamic talents, who continuously provide accurate performance in order to satisfy the needs and wants of our customers. The positive atmosphere within our team is very important and enables a smooth collaboration. We manage our projects together and assist our customers from the project planning to execution, through to the after-sales service.

“Hand in Hand – Common objectives, values, and success”


Regarding the protection of the environment the focus is on precautionary measures. Therefore, our company focuses on avoiding the impairments of the environment and keeping environmental effects at a low level.

Our employees are primarily obliged to avoid waste and to adhere to the given method of disposal. Through the inclusion of specific environmental issues into the HSE- plan as well as constant HSE-instructions our employees will be advised of environmental effects caused by their actions or mistakes in the following areas:

- air and noise                          
- ground
- water/waste water
- Energy- and resource consumption